About Tracy Luttrell, St. Louis’ Up-and-Coming Foodie

Originally from Pittsburg but now residing in St. Louis, Tracy Luttrell has always known her calling involved food. Growing up in her maternal grandmother’s kitchen jumpstarted Tracy’s passion and obsession about food, but somehow being a chef or a baker didn’t sit well with Tracy’s idea of what a food professional was.

A late bloomer into the foodie scene, Tracy has a lot to thank the Internet for, considering the sudden boom and interest in food and drink blogs as of late, which helped pushed her to launch a food site of her own. While St. Louis’ Dining Spots is still in its infancy, Tracy is, for the most part no stranger to the industry having dabbled in ghostwriting as a restaurant reviewer for a local magazine back in Pittsburg. She also casually tried her hand in food photography and even had a short one-time gig as a cupcake artist, scrawling thousands of hearts and flowers out of mascarpone frosting.

On good days, Tracy Luttrell believes she can talk anyone’s ears off when it comes to food. If you asked her what the difference is between Indian and Mexican cuisine, she’d gamely point them out, probably in bullet points, and even include their similarities as a footnote which may be the reason why such a question came about in the first place. At that point, Tracy usually feels embarrassed, having accepted the fact that not everyone appreciates impromptu food essays, novels, and monologues like she does.

On bad days, however, Tracy keeps to herself in her tiny 35 square foot kitchen in St. Louis cooking up whatever her taste buds are craving for at the moment. On a whim she once baked a cake 4 feet tall at 3 in the morning wrapped with enough fondant to induce a diabetes scare. The following morning, she immediately demolished her masterpiece and handed several slices out to co-workers at a retail store.

As a foodie, Tracy believes that food is one of the best outlets for creativity, and knowing one’s way around the kitchen (or at least know how to cook scrambled eggs as a start) is an essential skill all people must have.

Currently, Tracy can’t get enough of Sriracha sauce, Asian dishes with coconut milk, peppermint pastries, and homemade potato crisps. She is not an ally of purists; instead she welcomes the fusion of cuisines and people who experiment and go crazy with their grub.

She hopes you’ll enjoy your stay in her food site and gain a newfound appreciation for the food scene in St. Louis.