Tracy Luttrell St. Louis: Saint Louis Dining Spots’ Food Review: Tender, Succulent Ribs at Bogart’s Smokehouse

“One of St. Louis’ crown jewels, Bogart’s Smokehouse delivers on their promise of serving tender and succulent ribs that falls off the bone. While somewhat notorious for the long lines that can stretch out to the street, the owners’ passion for BBQ and tradition of providing small town hospitality make the experience and trip well worth the long wait.” — Tracy Luttrell, St. Louis Dining Spots

Eat The Most Marvelous Meat

If you’re in the mood for meat, this is where you want to bring your big appetite. Famous for their Pulled Pork that melts in your mouth (we kid you not!) and Smoked Prime Ribs, Bogart’s Beef Brisket and Tri-tip Sirloin are equally knockout dishes, best paired with their homemade Baked Beans and Slaw. Their Pastrami and Deviled Egg Potato Salad also deserves some room in your appetite.

While the meats by themselves are already delicious, with dripping juices you’d want to clean off with your sandwich, Bogart’s takes the art of barbecuing to a whole new level with their finger lickin’ sauces. The Pineapple Express for one has just the right amount of tang while the VooDoo Sauce, ranked 8 on a heat scale of 1 to 10, has enough kick to it to wake up your taste buds.

Located at 1627 S 9th Street, near the historic Soulard Farmers’ Market, this small barbecue joint is impossible to miss, primarily because of the long queues that form right before opening. If you’re lucky enough to get in at a good time when they still have everything available on the menu, you might want to take home a slab or two of ribs. Trust us on this one; you’ll be surprised at how fast they run out by the afternoon!

Warm, Friendly Service

Another thing that makes Bogart’s one of the most successful barbecue joints in town is the service. The fact that it’s a family run restaurant somehow makes their meats juicier and more tender and flavorful, therefore more enjoyable especially when you do away with the utensils and just eat with your bare hands (at least for the sandwiches). It’s common to be greeted with a smile by the owners and locals who frequent the place; a definite plus in our book!

The next time you’re in Soulard, visit Bogart’s Smokehouse—you and your appetite won’t be disappointed.

Bogart’s Smokehouse

1627 S 9th Street

St Louis, MO 63104

Winter Hours: Monday – Saturday 10:30 – 4:00ish (or when we sell out)

Contact Information: Phone: 314-621-3107